Bruce Muzik


Hi, I'm Bruce Muzik. I'm an entrepreneur and small business owner.

I created this web site becasue Wealth Dynamics has made a BIG difference to me and my business. Since taking my Wealth Dynamics test in 2006 and discovering that I am a Creator profile, I've been applying the Creator Profile strategy in my businesses with much success.

Here are some of the ways in which knowing my Wealth Dynamics profile has helped me:

  • My turnover increased dramatically.
  • I enjoy my work much more because I've been focusing on the things that I'm best at, rather than attempting to be a jack of all trades and master of none.
  • After putting my staff and team mates through the Wealth Dynamics test, I've was able to give them work that is more naturally suited to their strengths, resulting in a happier, more productive workplace.
  • My productivity has gone through the roof becasue I'm mostly only doing work that I'm good at.
  • I have much more free time.
  • I know exactly which mentors and wealth creation teachers to listen to and which to ignore (the ones that have different profiles to me).

Please take a look around this site and enjoy all the content I have put together for you. I highly recommend that you take your Wealth Dynamics Test and find out your Wealth Profile and the wealth creation strategy that is most naturally suited to you. Keep smiling,