How To Break Through Your Finanacial Limitations…

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Last year, Roger James Hamilton (the creator of Wealth Dynamics) introduced me to a concept he calls ILR or the ‘Illusion of Limited Resource’.

We have all faced ILR from time to time, for example:

  • When we don’t have enough money to do what we want to do
  • When we don’t have the know how to make something happen
  • When we don’t have the time to do something

What most people do when faced with ILR is give up on their goal and return to their daily lives, citing their limitation as the reason they cannot live the kind of life they want to live.

All of your so called ‘limitations’ are actually ILLUSIONS.

  • “I’ve got kids to think of!” = Illusion of Limited TIME or MOBILITY
  • “I can’t afford it!” = Illusion of Limited MONEY
  • “I don’t know how!” = Illusion of Limited KNOWLEDGE or SKILL

People who use this kind of language don’t accomplish much. They don’t get to experience the excitement, adventure and joy of living a wealthy life because they don’t allow themselves to overcome their Illusion Of Limited Resource.

The Secret To Overcoming ILR

To overcome your illusion of limited resources, you need to stop asking HOW and begin asking WHO…

  • If YOU don’t have the MONEY, someone else does…
  • If you don’t have the TIME, someone else does…
  • If YOU don’t have the KNOWLEDGE, someone else does…

By leveraging the skills, knowledge, time and money of other people, you can all get the resources you need to achieve your financial goals.

If you don’t think you have the money to get these people to help you, that’s just another layer of your illusion (or delusion). Many bootstrapped startups get their employees to work for little money initially by giving them a profit share in the company.

If you have a burning desire, there are resources available to you if you begin to ask WHO.

How A Resourceful Singer Recorded Her Debut Album Without Any Capital Or A Record Deal…

One of my best friends, a singer, recently bumped into ILR when she discovered that it was going to cost her R300,000 ($40,000) to record her debut album.

Instead of giving up, she got creative…

She decided to sell her album before it had been recorded. She named the album “Yet To Be” and when you bought one, you received her demo CD with the promise that your album would be posted to you when she had recorded it.

As a ‘Future Owner’ of “Yet To Be”, you got to actually help create the album by choosing which songs made it onto the album and by helping choose the final album title. You also got your name listed in the artwork as being a contributor.

Pretty creative, don’t you think?

This amazing woman sold more than 2000 copies of an album that did not exist to people in 25 countries around the world. She then hired the best producer she could afford, recorded the album and released it…

So, who is this resourceful woman?

Her name is Verity, and I just interviewed her (see video below).

Visit VERITY and become a part of making music history at

You too can be a part of music history by becoming a ‘Future Owner’ of her next album at

So, next time you find yourself facing some kind of limitation, just know that it is an illusion and ask yourself, “Who does have the resource I need and how can I access that resource from them?”

Just asking yourself this question will force your mind to think in a totally new way and come up with a creative solution.

So, till next week, get CREATIVE.


P.S. What did you learn? Let me hear your thoughts… Please leave a comment below…

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