Introvert & Extrovert – Completely Different Wealth Strategies…

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Are you an introverted or an extroverted entrepreneur?

The answer to this question will seriously influence whether wealth showers you with its riches, or your wealth dries up like an empty well in a desert.

Scientists and philosophers alike have told us that the Universe is dualistic. In plain English, this means that there are two sides to every coin e.g. Positive and Negative, Day and Night, Up and Down, Fast and Slow.

Your personality type also has two sides, INTROVERTED and EXTROVERTED, and you will naturally be drawn more to one.


Introverts generally internalize and analyze their decision making, whereas Extroverts take their cues from the outside world, often consulting with others before they make up their mind.

Introverts like to keep things simple, whereas Extroverts tend to make things more complicated. Introverts are process oriented whereas Extroverts are people oriented. Are you beginning to recognize yourself in one of there?

Like day and night, neither wealth strategy is better than the other, just different.

If you are introverted, your wealth lies in the path of The Accumulator, The Lord or The Mechanic profiles. If you are extroverted, your wealth lies in the path of The Star, The Supporter or The Deal Maker profiles.
The Creator and Trader profiles can be either introvert or extrovert.

Richard Branson is very clearly an extroverted Creator profile. He creates businesses and promotes them with his extroverted personality. On the other hand, Bill Gates is very clearly an introverted Creator profile. He found his wealth through creating software and you definitely would not find him at a Hollywood movie premiere (where all the extroverts hang out)!

If you have seen Gates or Branson speak on TV, their personality types are glaringly obvious. Do a search for them on and watch some videos of their speeches to see for yourself.

How Do You Build Wealth?

Each personality type has a different wealth strategies for building wealth.

Introverts multiply and extroverts magnify.

Magnifying Value…

An extrovert will build their wealth through taking the value of their product, their service, their brand, their team or their deal and MAGNIFYING it i.e. they will make it bigger and better. Think of how Oprah (a STAR Profile) took her brand and make it a household name.

Although there is only one Oprah Winfrey, she has MAGNIFIED the value of her brand so much that it has not only made her famous, but also a cool $1.4 BILLION.

Multiplying Value…

An introvert will naturally build their wealth through taking the value of their products or services or investments and MULTIPLYING them.

Think of how Ray Kroc (a MECHANIC Profile) took an awful hamburger (in my opinion!) and franchised it around the globe. He MULTIPLIED the hamburger through his McDonalds franchises. Because a hamburger is unlikely to increase much in value, Ray began a production line and instead of trying to MAGNIFY the value of his hamburgers, he MULTIPLIED them and this led him naturally and effortlessly to his wealth.


OK, so I know this has been quite a technical lesson and if you haven’t quite yet grasped what I’m on about, that’s OK. It took me a while to really understand how the different profiles work together.

Your introversion/extroversion preference hugely influences your your Wealth Profile and natural wealth strategy. If you’re still struggling to succeed as an entrepreneur, you’re almost certainly not working with your Wealth Profile. Take the Wealth Dynamics test to discover what type you are.


P.S. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you learned…

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