What Is Wealth Dynamics?

Steve Jobs of Apple - a Creator Wealth Dynamics Profile

Steve Jobs of Apple followed his Wealth Dynamics profile and left a legacy...

If you study famous entrepreneurs throughout history, you'll discover that each of them became wealthy by using money making strategies naturally suited to their personality type - what we call their Wealth Dynamics Profile.

What's even more fascinating is that if you read the biographies of these billionaire entrepreneurs, you'll discover that when they stopped following their Wealth Dynamics Profile, many of them lost all their money. All of it!

However, when they went back to using the wealth creation strategy that was most natural to them, they somehow (almost magically) seemed to make all their money back again and then some.

How Does Wealth Dynamics Work?

To discover your Wealth Dynamics Profile, you can take the Wealth Dynamics test. The test takes about 20 minutes to complete and will instantly reveal (in a 29 page customized report):

  • The exact money making strategy you should be using in business, whether you're an entrepreneur or small business owner
  • Your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur
  • The 6 steps you need to follow in order to realize your full potential for creating wealth
  • And a whole lot more valuable wealth creation advice tailor made for your personality type...

When you begin creating wealth using the strategy most natural to your personality type, making money begins to feel natural, fun and easy. Ongoing struggle and frustration are replaced by joy and exhilaration.

The Wealth Dynamics Profile test is the only personality test that tells you the exact wealth creation strategy you should follow to build wealth in a way that is natural and easy for you...

How Were Wealth Dynamics Profiles Discovered?

The 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles

The 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles

Wealth Dynamics is the culmination of the work of Roger James Hamilton, who spent years studying how billionaire entrepreneurs create wealth.

During his research, he noticed that out of all the possible strategies for making money, billionaires only used EIGHT. Not nine, not seven… eight.

Perhaps even more intriguing is that Roger's billionaires didn't use all eight strategies to become rich.

Every single one made their money from only one of the eight strategies. They may have tried other strategies, but only one strategy unlocked their wealth for them.

As Roger delved deeper into the psychology of mega-successful entrepreneurs, he learned that the men and women who shared similar personality types, all used the exact same wealth creation strategy to make their money.

This is when Roger had his BIG AHA moment! Each personality type has a wealth creation strategy that naturally suits that kind of person.

Wealth profiling is profound, based solidly on scientific research and a 5000 year old ancient Chinese book called the I-Ching (The Book of Changes).

Carl Jung (the famous psychologist) brought the I-Ching to the West and his work with it formed the basis for most personality tests today.

Wealth Dynamics has taken his research to a new level of usefulness by recognizing that each of Jung's 8 personality types tended to create wealth in a different way - and over time, 8 wealth strategies (or 'games') naturally emerged...

Taking the Wealth Dynamics test will reveal your most natural way to attract wealth and the exact 6-step path to riches that wealthy people throughout history (who share your same Wealth Dynamics Profile) have used to become wealthy.

If your personal journey to wealth is like piloting your own personal 'wealth aircraft' then using this analogy, your Wealth Dynamics Profile is like your on-board compass, showing you the direction to your path of least resistance to creating your wealth.