The Psychology Of Success (For Enrepreneurs)

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An Introduction To Personality Testing For Entrepreneurs

If you’re interested in the psychology of success (and you should be if you’re an entrepreneur), you may have stumbled upon the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung

One of Carl Jung’s greatest contributions to modern day psychology is that human beings seem to fall into eight primary personality types.

Jung’s work on personality types went on to become the basic framework upon which most modern day personality typing systems are built.

You’re OK Just The Way You Are…

The greatest gift I received from Jung was the insight that I am not weird, strange or flawed – and neither is anyone else.

As a kid, I never felt that I fitted in. When I realized that most of my friends didn’t think like I did, I withdrew wondering if something was wrong with me.

When I took my first Jungian personality test, I was a little skeptical at first. I mean, what could a 10 minute multiple choice questionnaire tell me that I didn’t already know?

That test was a turning point in my life…

According to the test, I was not weird or even that different! As I read the description of my personality type, my whole life made sense to me.

“Oh! that’s why I do …” was a recurring thought in my head for weeks afterward.

My biggest take away was that my thinking style, speaking style, values, learning style and decision making style… are all TOTALLY natural for my particular personality type.

What a relief! I’m normal…

As I began my own journey as an entrepreneur, I realized that personality typing could be hugely valuable in my business…

Here’s where I got the most value (as an entrepreneur) from understanding personality typing:

  • Knowing my strengths and weaknesses
  • Realizing that I’m not weird, just different
  • Realizing that everyone else is not weird either, just different (this insight made me a much nicer person to be around)
  • Realizing that my weaknesses are another type’s strengths, so I don’t have to do everything myself
  • Realizing that particular jobs in my business are best suited to a particular personality type’s strengths
  • Realizing that I can give my employees the test to take and move them into positions that better suit their strengths
  • Realizing that I should ‘test’ the hell out of every potential employee BEFORE hiring them to make sure their personality type fits the job I need them to do.


Can you hear the sound of money flowing into your business? This is what can happen when you ‘type’ yourself and your staff and then put yourself and your staff into job positions that utilize your natural talents and  strengths!

When you apply some simple psychology of success using personality testing, your entire business will naturally produce more value. The spin-off of producing more value in business is attracting more customers and earning more money (for you, your investors and the tax man :-)).

What I’ve Learned From Taking Multiple Personality Tests.

There are at least 50 different personality tests that I know of. I’ve taken many of them in my quest to understand myself better.

Some were useful, but most were only insightful.

The most useful one for me as an entrepreneur was Wealth Dynamics (no surprise here) because it was the only personality test that actually offered me action steps for my particular type.

Wealth Dynamics Profiles

The 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles

Most of the others only described my strengths and weaknesses, which is insightful, but not necessarily useful.

Roger James Hamilton (the guy who created Wealth Dynamics system) took his passion for entrepreneurship and his understanding of Jungian personality types and identified 8 entrepreneur personality types.

In my opinion, Roger’s big breakthrough was that each of the 8 personality types has it’s own unique wealth creation strategy that feels fun and natural for that type of person.

In summary, there’s a lot you can learn about yourself and your staff from giving them personality tests.

WARNING: Be careful not to box people once you know their personality type. Types represent preferences, not fixed ways of being.

Go forth and know thyself. Then get to know others. You (and your bank balance) will be glad you did.


P.S. Please let me know what you thought of this article by leaving a comment below.

More information on Wealth Dynamics here.

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