The Only 8 Wealth Strategies Used By Billionaire Entrepreneurs...

If you study famous entrepreneurs throughout history, you'll notice that they created their wealth using only ONE of only EIGHT wealth strategies.

8 Wealth Creation StrategiesEach strategy is naturally suited to only one of the eight different personality types, called Wealth Dynamics Profiles.

When you take your Wealth Dynamics Profile test, you'll discover which of these EIGHT wealth creation strategies is most naturally suited to your personality.

Here are the EIGHT proven wealth strategies used by ALL top entrepreneurs throughout history.

Click on any of the wealth strategies below to find out more about the Wealth Dynamics Profile that is naturally suited to creating wealth in this way...

  1. Building innovative products (wealth strategy used by the Creator profile)
  2. Building an influential brand (wealth strategy used by the Star profile)
  3. Leading teams (wealth strategy used by the Supporter profile)
  4. Bringing deals together (wealth strategy used by the Deal Maker profile)
  5. Buying and selling commodities (wealth strategy used by the Trader profile)
  6. Collecting assets (wealth strategy used by the Accumulator profile)
  7. Extracting cash from assets (wealth strategy used by the Lord profile)
  8. Creating duplicatable systems (wealth strategy used by the Mechanic profile)