Are You A LORD Profile?

“Formula for success: Rise early, work hard, strike oil.” – Jean Paul Getty

Wealth Dynamics Lord Profile

Successful Lords throughout history have focused their wealth strategies around controlling cash generating assets.

If your Wealth Dynamics Profile is a Lord profile, you love the details, and are probably already renowned for your thriftiness.

Your value lies in your natural ability to squeeze out cash flow from assets without needing to own the assets.

For example, Rockefeller became a billionaire in the oil industry without needing to own a single oil well. Mittal has become a billionaire in the steel industry without needing to own a single mine.

Others would probably describe you as controlling…

…cautious, analytical and only comfortable once all bases are covered.

While this list might not sound glamorous, it’s these qualities in you that will make you successful, if you choose to follow your natural path as a Lord profile.

You have the patience and diligence to collect and increase every cent of cash flow you find.

You prefer to keep to yourself and tend to value numbers over people…

You don’t have time for politics or niceties. You’d rather deal with simple facts than with complicated people.

When Rockefeller began buying up other oil refiners in the 1800’s he did not wine and dine them, but instead said simply, “If you refuse to sell, it will end in your being crushed.” And as he knew his numbers, he was right. Enough said…

Like Accumulators, Lords also love certainty and hate risk.

If you have not yet found your wealth, you may have failed to see your analytical skills, risk aversion and need for control as your greatest strengths.

Counting Pennies

You live frugally, watching every penny.

As you have a strong introvert personality type, you may not have found your flow yet, because you keep to yourself. However, when connected to the right team or mentor, you’ll soon sparkle.

In any industry’s ‘slow season’, products become commodities where companies compete on price.

This is where you’ll shine, weathering the peaks and troughs of your industry pricing by the unassailable position you have built by being in your flow.

LORD Profile Summary

  • Wealth creation strategies are based around controlling cash generating assets
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Great with numbers – not so great with people
  • Risk averse
  • Thrive in tough economic times
  • Frugal and always looking for ways to increase profitability

Famous Entrepreneurs Who Are LORD Profiles

  • Andrew Carnegie (Steel baron)
  • John D Rockefeller (The 1st billionaire ever)
  • Jean Paul Getty (Oil baron)
  • Lakshmi Mittal (England’s richest man)
  • Sergey Brin (Google co-founder)

Could you be a LORD profile?

You can take the Wealth Dynamics Profile test to find out for sure. When you do, you’ll get a 29-page personal Wealth Strategy Report that will tell you all about your Wealth Profile including:

  • The proven 6-step wealth strategies that will unlock your wealth as a LORD profile
  • Your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses
  • The best people to collaborate with so you surround yourself with people who love the tasks you hate
  • Which mentors to emulate so you know whose advice to follow, and whose to ignore
  • What opportunities to say YES to and which to leave well alone

When you take your wealth profile test through this link, you’ll also get $122.97 worth of really cool bonuses for free.

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