Are You A MECHANIC Profile?

“Everything can always be done better than it is being done.” – Henry Ford

Wealth Dynamics Mechanic Profile

Successful Mechanics throughout history have focused their wealth strategies around creating a better system.

If your Wealth Dynamics Profile is a Mechanic profile, you’re a detail oriented perfectionist and cannot resist finding ways to do things better.

You have a natural flair for systems…

…and love to get your hands dirty as you figure out new ways to improve your system.

You’re also great at completing things.

If you’re not yet succeeding as an entrepreneur, you may still be stuck trying to figure out what business to start, instead of finding an existing business and figuring out how to improve it.

You’re definitely better at perfecting something that already exists than coming up with something new from scratch.

You tend to rely on people less than any other profile, because your systems do the work for you.

As a result, successful Mechanic profiles expect and factor in a high turnover of staff. While Supporters and Deal Makers develop people and happily change processes, Mechanics develop processes and happily change people.

You love to take things apart and put them together again.

This can be very stimulating for you, but infuriating for your team mates…

Successful Mechanics have overcome their need to be involved with everything, and have focused all their efforts on the engine of the business, while others look after the styling and upholstery.

As you pass over people management to others and focus on efficient operations, you’ll find your flow. After all, it’s easier to fix a process than to fix a person.

Mechanics like you can be found behind most franchise and multi-outlet businesses and in all manufacturing, distribution, construction and logistics businesses where all creative focus is on the systems rather than the products.

Successful mechanics remain hands-on…

…fine-tuning their systems long after they have delegated many other areas of their business. This is where they see the greatest results, and where they gain the most satisfaction.

MECHANIC Profile Summary

  • Wealth creation strategies are based around creating better systems
  • Perfectionist that is best when left ‘hands on’ with business processes
  • Strong at completing things
  • Can seem aloof, removed and inflexible
  • Often found behind most franchise and multi-outlet businesses

Famous Entrepreneurs Who Are MECHANIC Profiles

  • Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company)
  • Ray Kroc (McDonalds)
  • Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart)
  • Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA founder)
  • Michael Dell (Dell Computers)

Could you be a MECHANIC profile?

You can take the Wealth Dynamics Profile test to find out for sure. When you do, you’ll get a 29-page personal Wealth Strategy Report that will tell you all about your Wealth Profile including:

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  • Which mentors to emulate so you know whose advice to follow, and whose to ignore
  • What opportunities to say YES to and which to leave well alone

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