Are You A TRADER Profile?

“We were just feeling our way.” – George Soros

Wealth Dynamics Trader Profile

Successful Trader’s throughout history have focused their wealth strategies around buying low and selling high.

If your Wealth Dynamics Profile is a Trader profile, your primary asset lies in your natural ability to perceive TIMING. If you use this sixth sense to perceive the shifts in your marketplace and time your trades accordingly, you can amass great wealth.

You are sensory in nature, reacting to events as they take place. For this reason, you’re more likely to have a day-by-day action strategy than a three-year plan.

People perceive you as being grounded…

As such, the idea of “being present” may not mean much to you because your sensory nature keeps you in the moment most of the time anyway.

If you’re an introverted TRADER, you’ll operate best through data and research, and can make your money in front of a computer screen.

However, if you’re an extroverted Trader, you’ll trade with people, sensing the lows and highs in the eyes of the people you’re trading with.

Whether getting a bargain at the flea market or making a billion on the currency markets, you love finding the margins in market value and so trading comes naturally to you.

You can detach easily…

… enabling you to remain grounded while others might be losing their heads.

Having a ground-level view, you’ll naturally notice patterns and inflections in the marketplace while others are preoccupied with the big picture.

Because your strength lies in sensing the moment, you rarely plan ahead. You can become emotionally drawn to the trading process, which can become all consuming.

You naturally nurture relationships, but are not the first to create new ones, lending your sensory nature to service above sales.

You may have tried some other wealth creation strategy, in which you didn’t have to rely entirely on your own initiative, such as network marketing, real estate or insurance. However, until you take stock and follow your path, your true wealth will continue to elude you.

Successful Traders seek out a changing market where they can take advantage of their incredible sense of timing. They are careful to own both the buy side and the sell side of the trade. After all, the value is not in either side, but in the spread.

Traders fail when their multi-tasking takes them into areas of creation, administration or presentation, which are out of their flow. Without the right team to support you, you’ll tend to take too much on and will sink under the weight of your workload.

TRADER Profile Summary

  • Wealth creation strategies are based around buying low and selling high
  • Have a natural sense of timing
  • Excel in the moment, but often fail to plan for the future
  • Can be introverted or extroverted
  • Need to own the buy side and sell side of the trade

Famous Entrepreneurs Who Are TRADER Profiles

  • George Soros (Quantum Fund)
  • Charles Merrill (Merrill Lynch)
  • Peter Lynch (Fidelity)
  • John Templeton (Templeton Growth Fund)

Could you be a TRADER profile?

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  • Which mentors to emulate so you know whose advice to follow, and whose to ignore
  • What opportunities to say YES to and which to leave well alone

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